Non-Profit Youth Performing Arts Organization
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What we do
We believe that every child should have the opportunity to discover their degree of interest or their passion and understanding of the performing arts. 

How we do it
Our curriculum is designed for children to explore and be inspired to learn music and dance, so they may discover their personal interest in the performing arts.

Who we are
Our trained, passionate instructors educate and excite children about the performing arts in a format that is age-appropriate and specifically designed to appeal to kids. 

Where we do it​
We implement our curriculum in studio spaces in the Santa Clara, Milpitas, San Jose and surounding areas.

What is being a Startist to you?

“Being a Startist has helped me open up and express my feelings through dance and has helped me be happy about myself.
  - Brenda Tennyson SE Dancer

“It’s having a chance to shine!”
  - Bianca DelosSantos SE Dancer

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MARCH 22, 2014.